Company History:
1951 Foundation of the company "Wolfgang Reuter Stickereifabrikation" with 4 employees and 3 VOMAG embroidery machines
1972 Socialisation, 14 employees and 3 VOMAG embroidery machines
1990 Reprivatisation by Wolfgang Reuter and his son Stefan Reuter, 3 employees, 3 VOMAG embroidery machines
Initial capital investments, employment creation, purchase of an electronic punch system, 8 VOMAG embroidery machines
1993 Wolfgang Reuter retires in December
1994 Construction of a new production hall with additional working spaces, purchase of two embroidery machines Saurer 3040
1997 Establishment of a limited liability company (GmbH)
1999 Extension of the production hall as well as working spaces and administration offices, purchase of a new embroidery machine Saurer Unica Pentacut

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