Table decoration

In today’s fast paced world, there is a return to the original values of humankind. Among other things, the dining and living culture is experiencing a renaissance. Pausing, lingering and enjoying get a new meaning and are lived consciously.
Textiles contribute to the cosiness, and give the laid table a perfected appearance, which always succeeds differently due to the large variety of sizes - enjoy it with all your senses for every occasion.


Small accessories make every ambience even more perfect. Small highlights of seductive lace enchant every viewer.

Window decoration

Each individual furnishing style is experiencing a completion by perfect textiles. From graphic, timeless elegance to floral and seasonal creations, the right design for every style with its own design options.

Embroidered fabrics - Additionals

Valuable lace and embroidery give the little things of everyday life a touch of preciousness, elegance and uniqueness. Fabrics experience a revival by the finishing with embroidery. Whether transparent or opaque, glossy or matt, fine or coarse, structured or plain - every fabric becomes an interesting sensory experience.