About us

Since the foundation in 1951, true passion for lace and embroidery has allowed us to produce high quality products of all kinds. The re-privatisation in the spring of 1990 allowed our family business a steady investment in the latest generation of technologies. This technical know-how, combined with deep roots in tradition, leads to product development and production at the highest level. Modern design in the trend of the time, paired with innovative ideas, rounded off by elegant filigree classic, distinguishes the product variety of our company, which produces under the brand name Plauener Spitze in Germany.

The development of our company from the foundation to the present can be found in the company history.

More than 150 years ago, the industrialisation of the embroidery industry began with machine embroidery in the Vogtland town of Plauen. Valuable lace and embroidery, especially known under the trademark Plauener Spitze, have been produced in the Vogtland by machine and with much manual labour since that time.
Due to the invention of the machine-embroidered tulle lace 1881 in Plauen, the Vogtland region is considered the centre of the German lace and embroidery industry. In 1900, this reputation was manifested by a Grand Prix at the Paris World’s Fair for “The Wonder of the Plauen Pattern”.
Despite world wars, changes in political systems and the current oversupply of cheap textiles, it was possible to maintain the high quality and thus the good reputation of the embroidery producers in our region. Even in these difficult times, the Plauener Spitze brand has remained firmly established on world markets.
Over the past three decades, dedicated entrepreneurs, such as our family, have once again taken the fate of the embroidery industry in Vogtland in their hands.