The development of our company

Founding of the company “Wolfgang Reuter Stickereifabrikation” by Wolfgang Reuter with 4 employees and 3 Vomag embroidery machines.
Like many privately-owned companies in the GDR, the embroidery Reuter is also suffering the fate of forced nationalisation. At this time, the company has14 employees.
After the political change new possibilities are open. On 1 April 1990, the re-privatisation - the first of the embroidery sector - is carried out by Wolfgang Reuter and his son Stefan Reuter, initially with 3 employees and 3 Vomag embroidery machines.
First investment for the creation of new workspaces and the purchase of an electronic punching plant. There are now 8 Vomag machines in operation.
In December, founder Wolfgang Reuter is starting his well-deserved retirement.
Construction of a new production hall for 2 embroidery machines Saurer 3040 with further production areas.
Renaming of the company and establishment of a Ltd., managing directors are Petra and Stefan Reuter. The company starts with the training of apprentices.
Expansion of the production hall with production and office space, purchase of an embroidery machine Saurer Unica Pentacut.
The first website is online at
Sales of the products through the German specialist trade. Supplementation of the specialised trade collection by short curtains (panneaux).
Collaboration with Amway as Online Direct Sales Partner - Partner Store.
For the first time, the embroidery Reuter exhibits at the fair “Comfortex” in Leipzig. Supplement to the specialist retailer collection by longitudinal panneaux (panel curtains).
First exhibition at the leading trade fair “Heimtextil” in Frankfurt/Main.
Kati Reuter receives the design price “Embroidery stitch 008” for her creation of "Snowball lace".
First exhibition at the fair “Techtextil” in Frankfurt/Main.
In cooperation with donndorf design and designschneider, the forget-me-not Pall Collection is created.
Reuter’s embroidery is processed by well-known fashion designers such as Irene Luft for the designs for the Fashion Week Berlin, where it is also presented successfully.
Technically, further investments are made. In 2010, two photovoltaic systems are built for renewable power generation.
The company “elfenhaut” is won as a customer. Presentations of the models follow on the catwalks of the world - London, New York, Moscow, Paris, Berlin
Other designers from the fashion industry have their products manufactured by the company Reuter.  
Start of the growth core highSTICK plus with participation of the company Reuter. Purchase of a state-of-the-art embroidery machine “Saurer Epoco 6 pro fast”.
Sale of 2 previously used Saurer 3040 embroidery machines and purchase of another "Saurer Epoco 6 pro fast" and a ZSK multi-function embroidery machine with 12 embroidery heads.
Complete revision of the homepage and introduction of a Dealer Shop for specialist dealers.