23. June 2019 12:03

60th top festival in Plauen

One of the highlights of the 60th “Plauener Spitze festival ” was the big parade, which takes place every 10 years in Plauen. Also this year, the industry association Plauener lace and embroidery e.V. was represented as a third picture. We actively supported  the implementation and shown three creations of the designer fashion label mutare from Chemnitz, which has processed our company. Timelessly elegant dresses in cream colored silk organza embroidered with snowball lace.

Afterwards, on the main stage, the "Stickstich 019 - TexCycle-Award" was awarded. The first prize went to Svenja Wallenstein and Birke Weber, the second prize to Laura del Giudice and the third prize as well as the public Award were given to Susanne Schmidt and Julia Hahn.